How to get rid of age spots on legs


How to get rid of age spots on legs quickly and easily

how to get rid of age spots on legs

The color of our skin depends on the amount of magical substance called melanin. When the amount of it increases (for example, under the influence of the sun), our skin darkens. If melanin is distributed unevenly, then ugly spots appear.

Age spots on legs can appear as frequently as in any other part of a body. Usually the reasons for their occurrence are diseases of the digestive and excretory systems, as well as metabolic disorders and lack of vitamins. It is possible to find out the main reason only after complete examination. Our legs signal us about the state of our veins and blood vessels. Therefore, any rash and spots on legs need to be shown to a physician first. Otherwise, wrong treatment may only worsen the situation and lead to emergence of even greater number of pigment spots.

The appearance of pigmentation in particular age may also have a genetic nature. Age spots can also appear because of UV radiation, X-ray, infrared rays. Therefore, when you are thinking of how to get rid of age spots on legs, you should consult endocrinologist, dermatologist, and vascular surgeon.

It often happens that spots on legs become visible after using some kinds of cosmetics or after depilation. Typically, this is a sign of allergic reaction. These spots disappear when the allergen is eliminated.

The state of the endocrine system and the amount of vitamins in the body is closely related to pigmentation of the skin, including legs. Therefore, brown spots on the leg's skin may indicate lack of vitamins A, C, PP, and bright spots indicate lack of vitamin C. So, while using any external ointments, baths, lotions, you need to nourish your body with vitamins. Ascorbic acid and vitamin injections of B1, B6, B12 are often prescribed. In any case, treatment is always complex, and each drug is prescribed by a doctor.

How to get rid of age spots on legs without disappointments

Autotherapy is 100% not recommended. After all, the inept use of some bleaching creams can have the opposite effect and the spots may become more visible.

Peeling (both mechanical and chemical) is better to do in a special beauty salon, because our skin is very gentle. Beauty salons offer to get rid of age spots on legs with benign peelings based on fruit acids.

Another new technique is laser skin resurfacing. Laser treatment is less long and brings not so much damage to the skin.

how to get rid of age spots on legs

To see the root of the problem is not always easy. Tests including hormones tests may be required for qualified treatment. The risk of occurrence of age spots is also experienced by people who lead unhealthy lifestyle, smoke, drink strong tea and coffee. The use of cosmetics of low quality can also cause pigmentation, as well as taking certain pharmaceuticals. But if your health is all right, the treatment of pigmentation will be symptomatic.

Depending on the degree of pigmentation your specialist can recommend some kinds of drugs with UF-filter. You will need to use them every time going out into the street both in summer and winter. Some salon treatment may be also added: as spots appear on the top layer of skin, deep exfoliation can make them less visible or they may disappear at all. Chemical peels, cryotherapy, laser bleaching, light therapy can help to cope with  age spots on legs.

Watch the state of your health, do not go too far with solarium and tanning in the sun. Protect your skin by special means any time you go out, and your skin won't get many troubles with spots, and your nerves will be relaxed.

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